Let’s hope it helps the tracker!

Billy’s blanket?

Does anyone have Billy’s blanket, or know where it is?  We need a scent article for the tracker.  If so, please call:

Sonia at 703-587-7655,
Kirk at 703-644-4920,
Brenda at 571-215-8274, or
Joan at 703-863-5267

Werner Jewelers on Columbia Pike reports that a customer who lives in the area has seen a dog that very well could be Billy. He looked well nourished, but simply avoids any human contact.

He really has become a feral dog who obviously has learned to survive in a suburban environment.

August 24, 2009

I know it has been a long time since any postings have happened.  Today I received a phone call from a lady at the Washington Post.  She remembers the ads and info.  She seems to think there is a dog in her neighborhood (a stray) that is afraid of everyone, but, they keep putting food out for this Beagle.  She is going to the website and look at the picture and see if this is indeed a Billy sighting.  She will call and let us know.  Please remember Billy is still being  looked for.

March 17, 2009

I received a phone call from Edith with the NOVA SPCA.  This past Monday they trapped Mystery.  She is a spayed female and with the exception of having Lyme disease is healthy.  They have had her fully vetted and are in search of finding her a new home.  On that note, they are more than willing to continue their feeding stations (Claire in Arlington has been doing this for months for Billy) they have a camera and a trap and will continue to monitor this station for Billy.  I have had a couple of calls (again many days old) with maybe a sighting of Billy in the Four Mile Run area.  I have the numbers of Edith and her partner and when we get a call they are less than 5 minutes away and are more than willing to track any calls.  For now at least, Mystery is one less beagle loose in Arlington!  We are continuing to post flyers and following any leads that will help us find Billy.  We know Mystery was out there during the same time as Billy so we know he is still out there.

Post raises rates

Bad news, the Washington Post has upped its rates again.  A 2-column x 4 inch ad, which is what we’ve been running, will cost us $263.04, effective immediately.  We can run smaller ads, which of course would be cheaper, but also less visible.

Many of our Billy leads have come from these ads in the Thursday Precious Pets section.  Our last such ad ran yesterday, 3/12/09, thanks to a donation from an anonymous donor, in memory of Crystal and Toby beagle.

Some happy news: Lucy was found on March 4.   Hooray!

Now if only we could find our Billy!

HART volunteers have recently been busy sending Billy flyers to other rescues, shelters and animal hospitals.  We’re hoping for a new sighting of Billy.

Keep an eye out for these other 2 lost dogs:

Lucy, lost in the Mt. Pleasant area of DC since 2/4/09


Shelby, lost in Fairfax since 9/2/08

May all 3 come home safely and soon!